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CLIENT-CENTRED THERAPY:  One of my guiding principals of therapy is respect for the client's needs and wishes.  There are many ways to any goal and the client is always at the centre of the decision making process when any course of therapy is suggested.


MINDFULNESS: At the core of Gillian's approach to the self is a mindfulness base.  Bringing things to one's attention, learning focus and how to integrate our experience with purpose and compassion.


BODYWORK:  My approach to psychotherapy begins with the idea that mind and body are part of one being.  If pain is felt in one, it is felt in the other.  Bodywork and talk therapy are part of a practice to impart usable skills to each client.  Skills that can be applied to all facets of living.  The end goal of therapy is always to guide each client to a healthier life of their choosing.  The tools used in each session depend on the issues being worked as well as the client's preferences.

Gillian Strange-Dell holds an Hon B.F.A., a B.A. Psych and was trained in Psychotherapy at the Institute for Studies in Psychotherapy and Emotional Bodywork (ISPEB). She is currently taking clients at her office in Courtice, servicing Oshawa, Whitby, Bowmanville, and Newcastle.


Gillian works with a diverse client base but specializes the Highly Sensitive Personality (ages 16+); adults with anxiety, a history of physical or sexual abuse; and addiction recovery. Other issues accepted in her general practice include depression, insomnia, eating disorders, anger management, workplace or parental stress, grief and relationship difficulties.

What can Psychotherapy do for you?

Psychotherapy is a mode of treatment with the aim of relieving emotional disturbance in an individual.  There are many types, often referred to as modalities, all with the same goal in mind: interaction between therapist and client in a non-judgmental environment to improve overall health and wellbeing.  This goal can be achieved by working on personal relationships, habits and ways of thinking about yourself and the world around you, to affect a brighter outlook of your future.  


Some of the areas commonly treated are:

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Eating Disorders

  • Relationship Difficulties






Psychotherapy can help you restore your enjoyment of life.

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