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5 Small Steps - Depression and You

I recently heard a great concept from one of my clients that I would like to share: 5 Small Steps. I often counsel that change doesn’t happen in a big thunderous whoosh like we hope, but a myriad of baby steps that we have to put in place. Just work on one at a time, and you’ll get there. Eventually they add up to a whole new perspective.

My client recognized this as some great advice her sister used to give her: change 5 small things for yourself, and soon you’ll notice the difference. A difference you can build on. So if you find yourself eating chocolate, or chips when you are feeling low: go for a walk instead. If you constantly deprive yourself of things so your family can have their needs met, get yourself that one item, that hair cut or dress that makes you feel special; or if you constantly hear yourself berating your own mistakes, take the time to say “It’s ok. Everyone makes mistakes and the world is not going to end because of this one.”

'Being kind to yourself' might be your first small step to changing the tide of negative thoughts that are the underpinnings of depression.

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